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Bing Translator Widget For Websites & Blog

Saturday, October 24, 2009 | posted in | 0 comments

A Lightweight Translation Widget
Website owners
and administrators with an international audience looking to provide a translated version of the content available without penalizing the performance of their sites can turn to the Bing Translator Widget. Built on top of the machine translation technology developed by the Microsoft Research Translator team, the widget is designed to streamline the on-demand translation of web-based text with no development efforts or the associated costs, except the investments made in Redmond.

The translation engine is worked on continuously to deliver better quality and more languages.

Click here to get Bing Translator Widget

Putting together a widget specifically designed for your website requires almost no effort on your behalf. Just head over to the Microsoft Translator Widget Beta portal, enter basic information about your website, tweak the few options available and generate the JavaScript code that can subsequently integrate along web-based content.

“Once this code snippet is pasted into an appropriate area of your page, the Translator widget appears on your site to your users in the language their browser is set to. This localization of the widget user interface ensures that your site's audience always sees "Translate this page" in their language and thereby are able to kick-off the translation. The translator team is also planning to add an "automatic" translation functionality, where you can set the widget to auto-translate the page into the visitor's browser language upon arrival.”


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